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Technical Report Published by US Dept of Energy

doe-logoSecat’s technical report entitled “Materials Solutions for Hydrogen Delivery in Pipelines” has been published here by the U. S. Department of Energy.

The report is the result of a 6 year study on the transportation of large volumes of gaseous hydrogen through steel pipelines.

The original objectives of this project were as follows

1.  To identify steel compositions and associated welding filler wires and processes that would be suitable for construction of new pipeline infrastructure

 2. To develop barrier coatings for minimizing hydrogen permeation in pipelines and to develop deposition processes suitable for these coatings

3. To understand the cost factors related to the construction of new pipelines and modification of existing pipelines and to identify the path to cost reduction

Partners on this project included, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Illinois, Sandia National Laboratory – Livermore, Evraz NA – Oregon Steel Mills, Schott North America – Regional R & D, Chemical Composite Coatings Int’l, LLC, Advanced Technology Corporation, Hatch Moss MacDonald, Columbia Gas of Kentucky, ASME Standards and Technologies LLC and  DGS Metallurgical Solutions, Inc. & Reference Metals Company.

 You can find the full report by clicking here.

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