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Secat’s Featured Capabilities: High Temperature In-Situ Tension/Compression/Fatigue Test at Secat

Secat is excited to announce that a unique high temperature furnace has been added to its MTS-810 tensiletesting machine, and will be operational by the end of April 2016. The furnace utilizes two heating zones in the temperature range of 100-1400 degrees C (212-2552 F). This temperature range covers the thermal processing of awide range of materials such as aluminum, magnesium, copper, steel, etc. The two heating zones can be controlled separately and are able to mimic material manufactured in a non-stable high temperature environment, i.e. hot-rolling and hot extrusion. Due to deformation and friction, the temperature will increase during extrusion, and could increase or decrease after hot-rolling based on mill situation and rolling pass reduction. The working height of the furnace is 86 mm (3.4 in), which is ideal for various mechanical tests including tension, compression, and fatigue at elevated temperatures. Fig 1 shows the high temperature test fixture for tension testing.
(a) Model 653 high temperature test unit                 (b) High temperature tension to monitor real time properties
Fig 1: High temperature test unit for mechanical property testing at temperature of 100-1400 C
Engineering materials normally undergo thermo-mechanical processes, such as hot or warm forming, extrusion,forging, etc to make the final product. Due to the critical transformation that occurs during the thermo-mechanical process, including phase transformation, dynamic recovery and recrystallization, it is important to understand the material behavior at high temperatures prior to developing the manufacturing processes. This will enable control of the final product properties including grain size, particle/precipitate, strength, formability and corrosion. It is essential to understand the interaction between stress and strain during deformation in a high temperature working environment. The high temperature test unit (Model 653.02) features are shown below in Table 1.

Table 1.
0-20,000 lbs
Strain rate
0.0001 s-1 – 3 s-1
Room temperature – 1400°C, stability ±1°C
Furnace height
86 mm (3.4 in)
Heating zone
Two zones, 50×50 mm (width×depth)
Thermocouple Data Acquisition
Digital PID temperature control system-PC
Pre-cut Insulation
Alumina/Zirconia fiber
Safety interlocks
Shut down furnace when water supply failure

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