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Get to Know Dr. Xiyu Wen

This is the first in a series of blog entries introducing you to the employees of Secat, Inc.
We are pleased to introduce you to Dr. Xiyu Wen who has been at Secat for 15 years! WenXiyu

At work Dr. Wen focuses on the investigation of the mechanical and physical metallurgy of AA1000 to AA7000 series aluminum alloys with the goal of successfully producing these alloys for industrial applications. In addition, he provides technological support to companies in the aluminum industry primarily through evaluating processes and products and submitting industrial reports to those companies. This includes failure analysis of aluminum parts used in stamping/deep drawing applications in the automotive, lighting and fabrication industries.


Dr. Wen works on Continuous Casting, Hot rolling and cold rolling modeling for continuous cast aluminum alloy sheets by using Pro-CAST, ABAQUS and Thermo-CALC software.  He has also participated in long-term projects supported and funded by the US Department of Energy and participating companies in the field of Aluminum alloys made by DC (Direct Cast) and CC (Continuous Cast) processes.
When he is not working, Xiyu enjoys playing basketball and watching sports including NBA games, football and (being in Kentucky) NCAA sports! He enjoys both Chinese and “typical American” food. When Dr. Wen reads, not surprisingly, he focuses on books about aluminum and aluminum alloys – his passion.

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