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SECAT Person of Interest: Randy W. Schumaker, President – Logan Aluminum, Secat Board

SECAT Person of Interest

Randy W. Schumaker, President – Logan Aluminum, Secat Board

Randy W. Schumaker is the President of Logan Aluminum Inc.  He joined Logan on March 1, 2005 from BP North America in Chicago, where he held numerous regional and global leadership posts including the role of Global General Manager for BP’s Performance Chemicals business located in the Chicago area.  In addition to a deep and broad career of commercial and technical leadership, Schumaker has had several direct experiences with international joint ventures.A graduate of the 2005 class of Leadership Kentucky, Randy serves on many Boards and Advisory groups: Director of the Louisville, Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, WKU Foundation Board of Directors, Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College Board of Directors,  SECAT Inc. Board of Directors. Randy is a graduate of the Ohio State University (Chemical Engineering, 1979) and University of Toledo (MBA, 1982).  He and his wife Deidre have three adult children and two grandchildren.


What brought you to the Board of Directors of Secat?

Logan Aluminum has had a long connection with Secat.  Fred Mudge, the first President of Logan Aluminum was a Board Member as was the second President of Logan Aluminum, Mike Harris.  It seemed natural and important for me to support Secat in light of the contributions it makes to the industry and the University.


In your opinion, what makes Secat unique/special in the industry?

Secat is unique because it provides a viable research and testing option for industry participants who do not have a central research and testing facility.  The concentration of expertise and equipment provides clients with support and services normally not available without substantial investment in equipment, people, and training.  The ability to consolidate these skills and expertise under one roof provides an advantage in cost and responsiveness for their clients all under the umbrella of an ISO audited and registered operation.


What is the most important/exciting development you see in the future for Secat?

Secat, and the industry as a whole, is standing at the edge of an exciting era.  As aluminum gains acceptance in the automotive market the number of potential clients for Secat will grow exponentially.  Identifying high-probability clients from this field and securing their business will be a strategic focus for Secat.  Growing responsibly while continuing to serve the existing client base is always challenging and exciting and it will be particularly so given the speed of this industrial transition and the number of new entrants; ideal targets for the Secat business model.


Tell us something about yourself that people may not know. . . and anything else you would like to share.

I have always enjoyed being outdoors camping and hiking.  This has enriched my life in many ways over the years.  I had the opportunity to camp as a family with my wife and 3 children and as a Scout leader I watched as my son and his buddies traveled from Cub Scouting to backpacking in New Mexico.  More recently I have had the chance to hike on the Appalachian trail with my daughter and climb Mt. Fuji in Japan with my son.

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