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SECAT Makes a Difference

SECAT Makes a Difference 

 The evaluation of liquid metal quality is a critical tool for aluminum casting operations.  It is important to ensure that the metal supplied for the manufacture of ingots, slabs, billets and castings does not contain entrapped gases like hydrogen as well as foreign matter like dross, oxides, refractory particles, etc. that can result in gas porosity and or entrapped inclusions within the final wrought, forged or cast products.

Secat was requested to conduct an evaluation of metal quality by a customer who had faced a sudden increase in internal product rejections due to inclusions, which were revealed during the final stages of the rolling process.

Secat used the Prefil Footprinter and Alscan Hydrogen test unit at the customer’s cast house to determine the quality of their liquid metal at various stages of their process, including the melter/holder, before and after the degasser and after the filter. The evaluations were taken at various time intervals throughout the ingot/slab casting process to determine the variations in metal quality during the casting process.  The hydrogen content and the quantity and nature of inclusions were determined and plotted with respect to time and temperature.

Figure 1 below shows a representative graph for the Prefil Footprinter that plots metal flow through test filter with time. The steeper the curve, the cleaner the metal as it indicates that the metal flow through the filter is fast and unobstructed. 

Based on the data, Secat scientists and customer representatives brainstormed the potential sources for the identified inclusions. A detailed control and monitoring system was put in place to reduce the generation of inclusions and entrapment of hydrogen gas by modifying and optimizing their processes. 
The ongoing monitoring system has resulted in improved metal quality with a large reduction in 
internal rejections.


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