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Featured Capabilities: Salt Bath Furnace

Featured Capabilities

Salt Bath Furnace

The salt bath furnace equipped at Secat uses a eutectic mixture of nitrate salts specifically for heat treating aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.  The salt is heated by an immersed resistance heating element with the salt working temperature range of 480 °F to 1100 °F (249 °C to 593 °C). The bath cavity is approximately 12″ W x 12″ L x 10″ D which can accommodate single or multiple samples through a 12″ L x 9″ W access area.

In a salt bath, the heat transfer to the sample or part occurs through conduction which allows for very fast heating rates.  According to the heat treating, vol. 4, of the ASM Handbooks (1997), a 1″ diameter bar can be heated to equilibrium using a salt bath in 4 minutes with the core heating at almost the same rate as the surface.  For the same bar, an air furnace would require 20-30 minutes.  In addition to the fast heating rates, salt baths provide uniform temperatures minimizing chances of variation within the samples due to placement location within the furnace.  The salt also forms a protective surface on samples which remelts after a period of time minimizing thermal shock and distortion at high temperatures in addition to preventing oxidation and scale for samples prone to such surface issues.

From process development and research perspective, an isothermal annealing treatment of short durations can be used to simulate the microstructures and properties of modern continuous annealing lines in the laboratory.

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