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“ACCIDENTAL” ART: Recycling Has Aluminum Cans Flying High: Can Do Airplanes


Recycling Has Aluminum Cans Flying High:  Can Do Airplanes


Shao Lin Xia graduated from Hua Zhon Industry Institute in the People’s Republic of China and earned a B.S.M.E. in 1962. When he moved to California, he worked for California Avi-Tron Co. and was a project and manufacture engineer. He helped to design some of today’s modern “birds” of the sky, such as the 737, 777, and 747.

  Xia has also done several projects for Boeing. After

leaving California Avi-Tron Co. in 1995,  Xia did not stop designing planes. With extra time on his hands, he made a model airplane out of paper and showed it to all his friends. Everyone thought it was very clever and someone just suggested that he should try making it out of aluminum cans – the rest is history!

For over 15 years he and his wife, Sompit,  have made a living selling their aluminum can air planes at various arts and crafts shows. Using the knowledge he obtained from his experience as an engineer and model builder Xia has become an expert in design, beauty, and craft. Xia’s model planes are not produced in a factory using the latest technology. He designs his planes by computer, then focuses all his energy making these models by hand.

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