Secat, Inc.

Providing Aluminum Answers

The Secat Advantage

Aluminum manufacturers are often working on products used in cutting edge industry.  When they run up against a problem that negatively effects or stalls production, however, few have the resources  to determine how to deal with and correct the issues at hand – this is where they come to rely on the Secat Advantage.

While other metallurgical labs exist, the advantage of working with Secat is the company’s fundamental and practical knowledge of aluminum. When you work with Secat, there is much more available to you than a straight report of test results – although such reporting will be extremely accurate and thorough.  The capabilities that Secat commands are not only housed within the Lexington facility, but also extend to other national laboratories and universities where applicable, creating a nearly inexhaustible pool of technical resources.

Secat also provides “brain” power.  A key group of personnel have worked at the company since its inception, providing an accumulated experience of over 60 years in various aspects of the aluminum industry. These engineers have advanced degrees in material science along with manufacturing experience. In addition to providing metallurgical analysis, they are also able to pinpoint areas of production that might have caused defects during production. The Secat team is able to interpret results based on technical experience –going the extra mile and providing their customers the Secat Advantage.

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