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SECAT Research Featured in Light Metal Age

SECAT Research Featured in Light Metal Age.

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SECAT Research Featured in Light Metal Age

The December 2012 issue of Light Metal Age goes to print this week and features an article authored by Scott C. Ellis, Ph.D., University of Kentucky, and Todd Boggess, Shridas Ningileri, and Denis Ray, Secat, Inc.

Usage and Flow of Aluminum Sheet within the U.S. and Canadian Residential Building Products Industry tracks and reports on the recycling of aluminum in the building and construction (B&C) component of the aluminum industry.  Sustainability, supported by industry wide recycling efforts, is a key initiative in the industry and is supported by industry leaders.

Secat’s researchers looked at the flow of residential aluminum building products in the U.S. and Canadian markets with the goal of creating useful, clear diagrams of that flow.  Identifying the tiers of the supply chain within the industry and discovering and reporting on the value-added activities occurring within each tier was a primary research goal.  Finally, reporting on the extent of recycled materials usage within the supply chain was the third research objective.

The results of this research, found in this month’s Light Metal Age, provide the industry with an advanced understanding of aluminum material flows within the residential aluminum building products market segment.

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Aluminum Industry Collaboration

fabrics crew lgSecat staff (Shridas Ningileri and Alfred Wang) along with Dale Chittum (Aramark), Bob Brewer and Bryan Brewer (Steel Grip), Mark Eliopulos (Kaiser), Paul Sohi (The Aluminum Association), and Randy Shafer (Kentucky Smelting Technology) evaluated the performance of various clothing/dress fabrics and their resistance to molten aluminum today. The research is being conducted by Secat on behalf of the Aluminum Association’s Primary Division.

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